Twisted Sister - Live at Reunion

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В 1987 году группа распалась. Но в 2003 группа возвращается на сцену на крупнейшем метал фестивале

1. What you don't know (Sure can hurt you) (Intro) 1:50

2. In the beginning

3. The final show... 1987 (Interviews)

4. The kids are back

5. Stay hungry

6. The speaks reunion (Interviews)

7. A night for Jason (Interviews)

8. Destroyer

9. Like a knife in the back

10. VH1 behind the music (Interviews)

11. The New York Steel benefit (Interviews)

12. Under the blade

13. Old school returns (Interviews)

14. You can't stop rock 'n' roll

15. The fire still burns

16. The U.S.O. Tour of South Korea April 2003 (Interviews)

17. Shoot 'em down

18. We're not gonna take it

19. Festivals (Interviews)

20. The price

21. Reflections (Interviews)

22. Burn in hell

23. I wanna rock

24. Intro of band S.M.F.

25. Credits